There’s no doubt that jewelry and accessories are essential parts of any stylish outfit. The trick to wearing a necklace is to match thenecklace to your personality and style. Also, it’s important to know what’s appropriate to wear for each occasion.

If your personal style is sporty and more casual, it means you project a friendly, dynamic and energetic appearance. This means your clothes and accessories are practical and playful, with both function and fun in mind. Try small to medium earrings as well as necklaces and bracelets with funky designs and made of natural materials. Some eco-friendly jewelry designs could be a nice option.When your personal style is more classic or you’re working on a more formal look, opt for pearls, gemstone studs, gold knot earrings and beaded necklaces. If your personal style is romantic, you’ll exude a feminine image and your pieces will be characterized by a soft and gentle look. As far as your jewelry, soft color stones and pearls like the Crystal and Turquoise Lariat with Pearl design by Bibiconcepts (Look 1) will suit youperfectly. It’s a great look if you are going to a wedding party or other similar once-in-alifetime event. Because of its visual impact, this dramatic style empowers women. If you want to project a stronger and very confident image, you should go for more dramatic pieces. One statement accessory, usually an oversized necklace or ring like the design by CharlesAlbert pictured above (Look 2) emphasizes any outfit and gives you this dramatic appearance.

Look 1

Crystal & Turquoise Lariat with Pearl design; Bibiconcepts

by Bibiana Schutt-Abello; $320 @ Bibiconcepts.com.

Look 2

Citrine necklace by Charles Albert;

$3,250 @ CharlesAlbert.com